When? 18.10.2023, 19:00
Where? Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1
Tickets 50zł


"Aurora" is the story of the cosmic spirit of the Dawn, goddess of the morning aurora, dawn and dawn, and of the mysterious celestial bodies that bring with them both light and deeply disturbing chaos and darkness.

Ñoko thrillingly combines modern electronica with dark jazz and psychedelic rock and will take you into the unique and mysterious world of Slavic mythology and cyberpunk. Does this combination sound like a harbinger of the incalculable, mysterious, cosmic? See for yourself!

The lineup includes Dawid Lipka (Rottenness, Bizarre Penguin) on trumpet, Michal Jan Ciesielski (Quantum Trio, Michal Jan x Immortal Onion) on saxophone and synthesizer, Maciej Sadowski (Dead Vistula, LowBow, Gdansk Necropolitan Orchestra) on double bass and moog, and Tomasz Koper (Alfah Femmes, Jazxing Live, Tymon Tymanski) on drums. 

The band's music Ñoko is created during improvisation sessions, where creativity is catalyzed by the energetic, spontaneous act of performing music without assumptions or limitations. It is this energy that makes the band's music fresh, and the rhythms transfer listeners into an unbridled dance. The album "Aurora" is a record of one of these improvised sessions, containing 8 energetic compositions that form a concise whole.

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