Kiedy? 16.11.2023, 19:00
Where? Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1

Ampacity, Red Scalp + Dola

18:30 - gate
19:00 - Dola
20:10 - Red Scalp
21:15 - Ampacity

AMPACITY (space rock, krautrock, stoner / Tricity)


Ampacity is a band formed in 2012 in Gdynia by Piotr Paciorkowski, Wojciech Lacki, Jan Galbas, Sebastian Sawicz and Marek Kostecki, exploring in their work the areas of psychedelic rock, progressive and alternative music and space rock. Released in 2013, their debut album "Encounter One" resonated with fans of alternative guitar music, resulting in an invitation to the OFF Festival and numerous national and European concerts. Within four years of activity, the band released two more releases ("Superluminal" in 2015 and "The Sum of All Flaws" in 2016), after which they suspended their activities. In January of this year, Ampacity announced its return to the stage with a four-member lineup and announced a new album, which will be released on March 31 by Piranha Music.


RED SCALP (stoner, doom, psychedelic / Poznań, Pleszew)


The band was formed in 2012, when a fascination with the work of Black Sabbath, or legends of psychedelia and stoner, merged with a desire to create their own music. Red Scalp further added doom elements to the musical recipe, as well as.... saxophone and thus defined their style. They have already brilliantly presented it on their debut, 2016's "Rituals" and on the phenomenal "Lost Ghosts" released a year later. They are currently promoting their latest album, "The Great Chase In The Sky," but rumors are already circulating across the Great Plains that something new is being prepared.


DOLA (drone metal, sludge, post-metal, black, experimental / Torun, Poznan)


Formed in 2018, the band consists of three musicians from different parts of Poland. Psychedelic doom metal, acoustic guitar, blast beat and distorted bass melt into a melting pot filled with primitive madness, apathetic sadness, child's nostalgia and fear worthy of our times. The trio took the Polish scene by storm in 2020 with the unexpected release of their debut album simply titled "Dola," which was dubbed by many as one of the most interesting debuts of the year. Noise Magazine on the day of the release wrote thus: "(...) Dola's debut material is one of the more interesting new phenomena that will pass your ears in 2020. It's a psychotic mix of drone/doom metal, post-rock, a post-radiation mutation of black metal and the music of projects that Stephen O'Malley founded and even he forgot about. (...)". We only had to wait a year for the follow-up to this work, as the band released a second, equally well-received album, "Times," in 2021. Both albums were self-released by the band and reissued in late 2022 by Piranha Music.