Kiedy? 21.05.2023, 19:00
Where? Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1
Tickets 99zł

Xiu Xiu

19:00 - gate
20:00 - Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu returns to Poland to promote his latest work, the album "Ignore Grief" (release date: March 3, 2023). The album was recorded by the current incarnation of Xiu Xiu, consisting of: Jamie Stewart, Angela Seo and David Kendrick (Sparks, Devo, Gleaming Spires).

Today the adjective "cult" has worn out and lost its meaning, but few bands besides Xiu Xiu fully equate the word. Founded in 2002, the band has become a vehicle for the uncompromising and uncomfortably personal music of Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist Jamie Stewart and an entourage of his collaborators, both studio and stage. Over that time, Xiu Xiu has gained a sizable following of initiated fans around the world, for whom the name is not music, but a lifestyle. The band's dark, at times even extreme image and original approach to song construction (you'll find post-punk, avant-pop, electronica or noise, for example) has made the band recognizable around the world, while all the time keeping consistently on the sidelines and following their own path.