Pink Turns Blue

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When? 25.02.2024
Where Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1, Gdańsk

Pink Turns Blue is a post punk/new wave band from Berlin, formed in 1985. The band quickly released its first album, "Two Two Worlds Kiss" (1987), and became one of the pioneers of the burgeoning subgenre of first wave darkwave (Meta 1988) and then cold wave (Eremite 1990, Aerdt 1991).
After a string of hits including "Michelle," "Walking on Both Sides," "Your Master Is Calling," "The First," "I Coldly Stare Out," "Touch the Skies," "Catholic Sunday," "Missing You," "If Two Worlds Kiss," "Moon" and "Seven Years," they broke up in 1995.
In 2003, they decided to return to appear at several festivals. Due to the outstanding success of their comeback, they released a Best Of album called "Re-Union," a studio album called "Phoenix" in 2005, "Ghost" in 2007, "Storm" in 2010, and "AERDT - Untold Stories" in 2016. Their latest album "Tainted" was released in 2021. After an exceptional performance in Warsaw's Pogłos, this time we see the band at as many as three concerts in Poland.

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