Audrey Horne

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When? 09.12.2023
Where Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1, Gdańsk

Audrey Horne have everything we love northern European rock-metal lineups for: a flair for melodic riffs, upbeat solos and a laid-back character that you won't buy in a store. It's simply a must have. The formation is promoting the album "Devil's Bell," released last year.

AUDREY HORNE (Norway) hard'n'heavy:
At first they deftly mixed alternative metal patents fashionable in the 2000s with post-grung. After a while, they decided that a much more traditional approach to rock-metal mattered in their hearts. That's how, starting with Audrey Horne's "Youngblood," they became unbridled beasts of Nordic rock. They have that hard-rock pull for hits and carefree character, and they add a seriousness combined with the sweep of classic heavy metal. This is music that begs for headbanging and shouting refrains in front of the stage.

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