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When? 27.09.2022
Where Drizzly Grizzly, ul. Elektryków 1, Gdańsk

Dead Meadow returns to Poland after 6 years! The Americans will perform at concerts in Poznań, Gdańsk and Warsaw at the end of September.

Black Sabbath riffs, fusion guitars and the melodious humming of the vocalist, Jason Simon - these terms are most often used when someone tries to describe the music performed by Dead Meadow. The Washington trio draws heavily on psychedelic rock from the 60s and hard rock from the 70s, which they combine with their love of fantasy and horror classics, J.R.R. Tolkien and H.P. Lovecraft. The result is an original style that has evolved over time in an even heavier, more toner direction. The group released 7 full-length albums, the last of which, "The Nothing They Need", was released in 2018.

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